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Aerial Vehicles

FarCo provides a range of fixed-wing and rotary-wing UAVs, a sampling of which are shown below (click on each to view details). The UAVs are compatible both with our own autopilot systems as well as third-party autopilots. Various autopilots have been integrated and tested on our UAV platforms. The UAVs in conjunction with our autopilot systems provide a modular architecture to support a wide variety of sensor payloads for various missions.
The UAVs are provided with our autopilot, ground station, and communication packages to support a completely autonomous operation mode. The ground station software allows for various mission profiles and interaction with payloads. Additionally, high-definition cameras and other sensor payloads may be included as part of the system in addition to a quad-core single board computer for more on-board computational capabilities (for computationally intensive applications such as on-board image processing for ground target detection and tracking).
Aquila P Tactical gas-powered UAV: The Aquila P UAV is an all composite pusher aircraft that may be operated via man-in-the-loop or totally autonomous. Aquila P has a large payload capacity and various payloads (e.g., EO video, LWIR video, dual EO/LWIR video systems, gimbals, spectral- imagers) may be integrated into Aquila P as additional optional payloads.

HaLEA hand-launchable electric UAV: The HaLEA is an all composite electric UAV weighing 8 lbs (including a nose-mounted camera) with nominal cruise speed of 30 knots. The HaLEA is designed to be facilitate one-man portability and rapid deployment.

Quad Rotor UAS: FarCo provides multiple small and medium-size autonomous quad rotor UAVs with options for various integrated payloads (e.g., camera). Other larger frames can also be accommodated by our modular autopilot systems utilized on these quad rotor UAVs. The small quadrotor is equipped with our miniature auto-auto pilot board whereas the mid size quadrotor includes our dual-processor auto-pilot board (with an option of having the miniature auto-pilot as a redundant fail-safe back-up).
The quad rotor systems include several sensor payloads to support both indoor and outdoor operation. The UAVs support both man-in-the-loop and completely autonomous operation. The larger quad rotor UAV is also instrumented with a compact LIDAR sensor for autonomous obstacle avoidance in both indoor and outdoor operation. Other payloads within the lift capability of the quadrotors may also be accommodated and integrated into the platforms based on customer requirements. The small size quadrotor may also be sold in RC-controlled mode without the full ground station and communication interfaces.

Larger quadrotor with integrated LIDAR
Compact quad rotor
Integrated helicopter: FarCo provides autopilots for rotary-wing and fixed-wing unmanned vehicles. Our autopilot systems are available in multiple configurations including a miniature autopilot for small unmanned vehicles, a dual-processor autopilot, and a more computationally scalable system including a single-board computer in addition to our dual-processor autopilot.
Several gas-powered and electric helicopters are available from FarCo configured as fully autonomous UAVs based on our autopilot and ground station systems.

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