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Ground Vehicles

Wheeled UGV

  • The wheeled UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) system supports both man-in-the-loop (joystick-controlled) and fully autonomous operation modes.
  • The UGV is integrated with vision and LIDAR sensors (configurable with either a 2D or a 3D LIDAR sensor payload). The UGV also has wheel encoders. The UGV utilizes our multi-processor autopilot system, which includes our dual-processor autopilot and a quad-core single-board computer.
  • Utilizing vision and LIDAR sensors, the UGV provides obstacle avoidance and autonomous waypoint navigation functionalities in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • The UGV is configurable to include additional sensors as required for specific applications. The UGV also supports mounting of a robot arm on the UGV. When configured to include the robot arm, the arm joints can be controlled through an API provided on the single-board computer.
  • The autopilot, obstacle avoidance, and navigation system is also available as a separate configurable system that can be installed on a range of UGV platforms.

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