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Underwater Vehicles

VIPER AUV: A hydrodynamically efficient, man-portable autonomous underwater vehicle optimized for riverine environments

  • The VIPER AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) is a highly compact and light-weight (~ 12 lbs) vehicle that is easily one-man portable. The AUV is designed specifically for riverine reconnaissance and includes several sensors to enable autonomous riverine operation and bathymetry and water current surveying.
  • The AUV includes a high-accuracy GPS-independent underwater navigation system based on fusion of multiple sensors including a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), pressure sensor, IMU (inertial measurement unit), and magnetometers. The AUV includes sonar sensors for autonomous obstacle avoidance. The AUV utilizes our dual-processor autopilot system for all sensor interfacing and sensor data fusion.
  • Sensor fusion for underwater navigation

  • While the VIPER AUV is specifically optimized for riverine applications, its light weight and compact size make it an ideal system for various other applications as well (e.g., littoral applications). Furthermore, the AUV is designed with a modular architecture that supports integration of other sensor payloads to meet the needs of a range of applications.

Other FarCo products related to underwater vehicles:
  • The underwater sensor fusion system in the VIPER AUV is also available as a separate stand-alone system that provides high-accuracy GPS-independent navigation for manned/unmanned applications. The navigation system is available as a compact package (based on our dual-processor autopilot system ) or as a two-board system including a quad-core single board computer that supports integration of a wide variety of additional sensor payloads including multibeam imaging sonars and underwater cameras.
  • FarCo's autopilot systems support a wide range of unmanned vehicles. Depending on the size and sensor interfacing requirements of a specific AUV, any of our range of single-processor, dual-processor, or multi-processor autopilot systems can be utilized. The inner-loop control structures on the autopilots are configurable to support a wide range of AUV actuator configurations (including multiple thruster and fin configurations).
  • FarCo is also developing a biomimetic autonomous underwater vehicle, RayBot , inspired by the electric ray.

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