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Surface Vehicles

RAFT USV: Autonomous water surface vehicle

  • The RAFT USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) is a compact vehicle with four propellers for independent X, Y, and yaw control. The USV supports both man-in-the-loop (joystick-controlled) and fully autonomous operation modes.
  • The USV includes an underwater sensor mount with Z stage and gimbal. The sensor mount can be configured to support various types of sensors. In its default configuration, the USV includes imaging sonar and magnetometry based sensors in addition to our multi-processor autopilot system. Utilizing the multibeam imaging sonar, the USV provides autonomous obstacle avoidance capabilities (for submerged obstacles). Through the onboard wireless communication interface, the sensor data can be viewed in real-time from the ground station. The USV and its autopilot and ground station system are configurable to include other sensors as required for specific applications.
  • The USV is designed to support a range of missions, in particular for various littoral applications. Also, through inter-USV ad-hoc communication capabilities, multiple USVs can be utilized for distributed monitoring and surveying applications.

Other FarCo products related to water surface vehicles:
  • FarCo's autopilot systems support a wide range of unmanned vehicles including multiple USV configurations. The autopilot systems can be configured to support various configurations of sensor payloads. Also, our multi-processor autopilot system provides autonomous obstacle avoidance and environment mapping functionalities when sonar, Radar, and/or LIDAR sensors are included in the USV sensor configuration.
  • FarCo's Maritime Seaway Navigation System (MSNS) provides an integrated autopilot and obstacle avoidance system specifically optimized for manned/unmanned sea surface vehicles.

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